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Use your website to sell for you.

An 8-week program to develop and launch a marketing plan that works.

A proven framework

write your brand story in a way that connects with your target customers.

A complete marketing plan

build and launch your sales funnel with expert feedback.

Accountability & support

from a cohort of business owners supporting each other.

Download the free guide:

5 Simple Steps to Creating a Winning Sales Funnel

Your business deserves great marketing.

But it’s hard to build the tools you need by yourself. Gurus will teach you what you need to know, but without professional help, your results will be hit-and-miss. If you don’t have the resources to hire a marketing firm, you might feel there isn’t an option for you.

Until today.

This workshop was built for you.

If you want to build your own marketing tools and still get professional results, this workshop-style program is for you.


We’ll give you everything you need to build a sales funnel that works with feedback and encouragement every step of the way.
You’ll Have:
Words that connect

and bring in customers


You’ll Know:
How to find customers online

even while you sleep 

You’ll Love:
Knowing what to say at parties

(or anywhere else you might talk about your business)

Here’s how it works:


Register for the 8-week Workshop

What more could you ask for than hands-on coaching from two marketing experts with coaching experience for 8 whole weeks? PLUS Access to Business Made Simple University for one whole year!


Work the Modules and get weekly feedback

We meet for a Kick Off Call on August 31 and set a time for your 1:1 Brand Script Review Coaching Call. We work through one module of the course every week, giving you personalized feedback as you go.


Launch your marketing plan and grow your business

You’ll be ready to put your updated marketing plan and sales funnel to work by the end of the masterclass. You’ll know how to talk about your business, and can use the tools and skills for years to come! 

What’s included, you ask?

It’s a 5-part sales funnel that can launch or grow your business.

Module 1: One Liner

You’ll create a One-Liner that sums up your core brand message in a way that helps people understand what you do and how you can help them immediately.

Module 2: Home Page

You’ll create a home page for your website that converts. You’ll learn what information belongs on your website, and how to invite your customers into a story, ensuring everything fits together so your customers take action.


Module 3:  Lead Generator

You’ll create a Lead Generator to attract customers into your story. This piece of marketing is generally a pdf download potential customers can get in exchange for their email address.

+ VIP Option: Once you’ve written it, we can design it for you!

Module 4:  Nurture Emails

You’ll learn how to put together a 5-part email nurture campaign. This type of campaign connects you with your ideal customers and will ultimately be your key connection point with potential customers.


Module 5: Sales Emails

You’ll create a sales email funnel that will take your potential customers from leads to fans

Bonus: Tools & Resources

How do you build a simple website? How do you design a lead generator? We’ll share insider tips on how to build a funnel you can be proud of no matter your skill level.

We look forward to meeting you.

We’re Nathalie Pincham and Laura Phaladi, Certified Storybrand Guides who help businesses communicate clearly. We both coach the StoryBrand Workshops so we know how much difference getting the right support makes. We’ve worked with many different business types of all sizes over the years, and we know one thing is the same for all of them: If you don’t have a clear brand message you will lose sales. But it doesn’t have to be this way!  

We’re hosting the My Story Plan workshop so you can confidently speak about the products and services you offer, and actually create the marketing materials you need to grow your business effectively. Your business can transform many lives, and we want to help you succeed.

Never done anything like this before? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ll be available to you throughout the 8 weeks to help you get unstuck and cheer you on, together with the other business owners in the group!

We know you can do this! 

Our Track Record

Nathalie’s construction company client tripled their business after we updated the website, sales emails, sales materials, and created messaging and a marketing funnel that actually works!

“Laura helped our team focus our Story Brand framework on our customer. She kept us on track with the process and provided great refinements and insights. She also clarified how to apply the framework to our individual business and unique customer acquisition process.”

-Thomas Stoker, Stoker Associates

“Laura made the whole StoryBrand process easy and clear. I thought I had enough information through the Building a StoryBrand book, but Laura helped me to realize that I could make my messaging even more specific. I’m now proud of my website and can’t wait to use these practices in other projects.”

-Ramona Rice, Spapreneur

A consulting company was getting 10-20% open rates for their monthly emails. Nathalie used the StoryBrand Framework to redesign their website and sales funnel. They started seeing 40-60% open rates and have a steady stream of inquiries.

What’s the investment?

You could hire us to create everything you will be creating in this workshop for about $12,800:

Messaging Framework + One Liner    $2,000

Home Page Website Copy     $2,500

Home Page Website Design     $3,500

Sales Letter    $1,800

5 Sales Emails    $3,000

TOTAL:  $12,800


Zoom Call Toast

You can work with us to build your full sales funnel in 8 weeks for $2,275.

Need to know if this program will be right for you? Set up a call with Nathalie or Laura.

5 Simple Steps to Creating a Winning Sales Funnel

Download the free guide: 5 Simple Steps to Creating a Winning Sales Funnel

This checklist will give you practical strategies to get you a return on your marketing investment almost immediately.

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